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Why Outsource?

With the IRS constantly changing tax laws, it gets harder and harder for small businesses to keep up with the changes. According to the IRS Data Book, the average fine for businesses in relation to employment tax reporting was over $730. Let us take care of the tax headache for you so you can focus on the many needs of your company. With Absolute Payroll Inc., you will have no more worries dealing with the complex reporting requirements and possible penalties and fines.

Ease of Use

Our state-of-the-art web-based software requires nothing to be downloaded.  This in turn gives you the flexibility to access your payroll information securely, at any time and any place.




Personalized and Affordable

Unlike most of our payroll competitors, we do not use the “nickel and dime” approach for our pricing structure.  We offer all-inclusive pricing so there are no hidden fees or costs.  Absolute Payroll Inc. provides the same capabilities and services as the large payroll companies, costing a fraction of the price, while making sure you still benefit from prompt and personalized attention.


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Since no two businesses are the same, we provide a variety of methods to input payroll information.  Whether you want to call and talk to your personal representative, email/fax the payroll data directly to us, or submit your information online via manually entering it in or importing a file into our web-based system - the option is yours.  We let you determine how hands on you want to be with your payroll, and we do the rest.



HR360 covers keys areas such as Employee Benefits, Human Resource Issues, Employment Law, Hiring and Termination. We also provide hundreds of downloadable HR forms and posters as well as online HR tools and interactive step-by-step guides for doing performance reviews, hiring and termination, in addition to how to implement COBRA and FMLA.